How to build your body while you bill your hours


As 2017 rolls along, you’ve undoubtedly made health and fitness a part of your New Year’s resolutions. Pardon the cynic in me, but I’m willing to bet the value of a high-priced condo that some of us have missed our target already. And I’ll bet that your number one lament is “not having enough time.”

But when trying to carve out 60 to 90 minutes a day for a workout, remember this: doing something is always better than doing nothing. And if anyone appreciates the value of big gains made in incremental contributions, it’s lawyers. Working in tenths, we can bill thousands of hours in a year. So we can surely find the time to exercise.

Here are three simple strength-training exercises you can do right in your office. They only take two minutes each — a whopping 6 minutes per day. Surely, we can all spare that.

Originally posted January 24th, 2017 on Precedent Magazine. Click/tap for FULL ARTICLE


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Written by: Paul Attia

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