How to Incorporate the Primal Blueprint into a Busy Family and Work Life

Facebooktwittergoogle_pluslinkedinmailFacebooktwittergoogle_pluslinkedinmailAt the age of 24, I was a two-sport varsity athlete while in law school; I thought I was busy. A very “short” decade later, I was a trial lawyer with an intense job as a criminal prosecutor, I was married, and I had three kids under the age of three; then I understood what being busy actually meant. In the intervening period, however, I needed to learn much and adapt vastly, my own lifestyle goals and patterns in order to continue to achieve some goals that I had set for myself. During that same period, I was introduced to the Primal Blueprint (via my brother Peter, whom many of you know).

  • Fit Father vs. Fat Father
  • Primal Parenting: Implementing the Principles of the PB with a Young Family
  • Primal “Executive” Workouts: How to Incorporate PB Workouts into a Very Busy Schedule
  • Fight for your family
  • Make your new country, your home country

Originally posted Feb 4th 2016 on Marks Daily Apple – Click for FULL ARTICLE


Written by: Paul Attia

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For people who want to succeed in life in their role as a spouse, as a parent, and in their career. Success in any one of those three areas is tough enough; success in two of the areas is even tougher; and success in all three feels near impossible, on most days.

All great quests, begin with great questions. Asking questions is the genesis of growth and seeking the answers is the route to it.