How to make food choices that the lawyer in you would be proud of


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One of the main reasons people in crisis need a lawyer is that we rarely have an emotional connection to the situation at hand. The litigator sees things a litigant can’t because the litigator is not the one in the situation. We’re chess players, not chess pieces. That means we can (hopefully) make better decisions. So is it possible, when making decisions about our own lives, to replicate that objectivity? I think so. Take food. Sometimes, to be strong, we need to know when we’re weak, and then hedge against it. In both law and in life, sound judgment is paramount. So give yourself the gift of perspective, and don’t make nutrition decisions in a vulnerable state. Here are three tips to help us do exactly that.

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(This story is from Precedent Magazine’s Summer 2017 issue.)


Written by: Paul Attia

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