Sharing the lessons I learned from my immigrant dad

Facebooktwittergoogle_pluslinkedinmailFacebooktwittergoogle_pluslinkedinmailIt was Dec. 14, 1964. A young Egyptian had just travelled by boat across the Atlantic and was nearing Canada’s shores. One of nine children born to loving parents of little means, Eid Attia had left all he had in Alexandria and boarded this boat with only $300 to his name but vision in his soul and strength in his mind. One thought resonated above all else: “Make it.” That is to say, “Build a better life in Canada for my family for this generation and the next.”


  • Turn your liabilities into assets
  • Pay yourself first and invest for the future
  • Never give up and always believe in yourself
  • Fight for your family
  • Make your new country, your home country

Originally posted July 13, 2015 on Canadian Immigrant – Click for FULL ARTICLE


Written by: Paul Attia

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For people who want to succeed in life in their role as a spouse, as a parent, and in their career. Success in any one of those three areas is tough enough; success in two of the areas is even tougher; and success in all three feels near impossible, on most days.

All great quests, begin with great questions. Asking questions is the genesis of growth and seeking the answers is the route to it.