Welcome to the Papa Alpha Blog

papa_alpha_logo1Being great at home and being great at work feels impossible at times. And the world is telling you that you can’t do it. The message being told is that family takes away from work and work takes away from family. And both take away from fitness.

I disagree.

We have set out to prove that success at home (family), in health (fitness) and at work (finance) is not only possible, but optimal.

Contrary to convention, success in one area will actually lead to success in another — and the route to success in one, naturally transfers to another. The rules of the game, so to speak, in family, fitness and finance, are the same.

The Papa Alpha blog was created for people who earnestly want to succeed in life, as a spouse, as a parent, in their careers, in health and in the pocket book. The world says you can’t. I say you can.



For people who want to succeed in life in their role as a spouse, as a parent, and in their career. Success in any one of those three areas is tough enough; success in two of the areas is even tougher; and success in all three feels near impossible, on most days.

All great quests, begin with great questions. Asking questions is the genesis of growth and seeking the answers is the route to it.